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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Can the Laws of Attraction Help Golfing Performance

In this episode our very special guest Gil Anderson will discuss how the laws of attraction can help golfing performance. His new book titled Going Fore It in Golf and Life helps our audience understand the most important lessons for a holistic golf game.

Gil Anderson displays concepts that lie under the surface of the swing. His metaphorical approach for rhythm and body mechanics of full swing improve golfing performance, starting with the mind. Mind, body and soul combine, as he tells how the laws of attraction will help golfing and other skills in your life.

A glimpse at an interactive sequel by Gil is in the making. Learn how touching photos will open up video lessons that can be brought to slow motion and used to help golfing performance in a new interactive way related to his first book and golfing techniques. “I am there discussing concepts” the interactive sequel will take three years.

Randy Kemp again asks the hard questions too. Including, how to conduct and learn the perfect full swing and partial swing.

Learn it all or piece by piece because there are many ways to teach golf but with Gil Anderson’s interpretation of the laws of attraction, only certain aspects of body with create a holistic approach for every shot. This helps beginners learn it all at once as the laws of attractions are also put into a nutshell.

What you put out in thought becomes reality! And this episode will show you how.

Gil is still amazed by his students reaction, “Like Christmas morning they got what they asked.”