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The Learning Curve – Home School Enrichment—A Reason Why Home Schooled Kids Score Thirty-Five Percent Higher Than the National Average

Today’s guest on The Learning Curve is Jonathan Lewis, Editor-in-Chief of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Home School Enrichment Magazine is a bi-monthly print magazine, but also on-line at:

This is a must hear show for parents who want good grades for their kids.

There are now more than two-million children being home-schooled in the US, with numbers fast increasing each year. Jonathan reveals that home-schooled kids on average score 35% higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests! He also reveals that the US is spending $10,500 a year for each enrolled student in regular schools, but the average cost of home-school education is $500 per child . . . and what a difference in result!

Learn the reasons why parents opt for home schooling. Learn how easy it is, how to go about setting up your home school endeavor; what resources, help, free advice and services are available for potential home-schoolers.

Hear how parental involvement, even for non-home-schooled kids, is an important key to good grades.