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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – Crop Circles are Real! Here is the Proof!

Want the truth about crop circles?  Then listen in!  This week Sri and Kira are in Wiltshire, England and they have just seen “the most profound crop circle!”  On July 22 Sri & Kira entered their third crop circle and discovered the evidence that has mystified researchers for years!  In this very special show they are joined by 10 witnesses–including famed crop circle researcher Francine Blake!–who share their firsthand accounts of the phenomenon.  Seeing a photo of a crop circle is one thing, but being there opens the next doorway… and YOU can access this too!

Three years ago a crop circle had been given to Kira via the Archangelic realm with a very special and important message for humanity. Now it’s in Wiltshire!  Sri and Kira talk about their personal experiences with crop circles over the years–from what they look like to what it feels like to be near one–and explain the different varieties of crop circles, particularly in the ones that form in England.

“You start feeling energy flowing through the bottoms of your feet,” says one witness of entering into a crop circle.  “It almost feels like I’m levitating,” says another.  The complexity, geometry, and energy that comes from crop circles is truly awe-inspiring.  Listen in as people who are actually there, not just looking at a picture, share their thoughts and feelings in this amazing phenomenon.

“It takes a great deal of energy to press down a whole field of wheat,” notes Sri, sharing the story of a 19-year-old boy who once witnessed a crop circle being formed and the persecution he suffered from his experience which eventually forced him to recant his story.  “This is why we seek to offer you our honest feedback.  We have been here.  We are sitting here this evening as a united family of pilgrims who say ‘We have been here first hand,'” says Kira.

Still think crop circles are a hoax?  In 26 minutes, Sri and Kira will change your mind.