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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Stop Dead-End Dating and Find Love Fast On Passionate Path to Intimacy

As host Hadley Finch chats with Ken Page, a psychotherapist-Psychology Today writer-founder of, singles take an attraction quiz and learn to act on attraction that leads to love instead of to difficult dating relationships that end badly. You’ll find out how your “lost love myth” can keep you from love and how to change that. Singles and couples discover how to identify your core gifts as shortcut to even greater intimacy and love.

Are your core gifts the same as your talents or skills? How do core gifts relate to your most painful wounds, longing and passion? How do you uncover your core gifts beneath insecurities and be free to find love fast, and experience greater joy every day?

Get the answers and other secrets of choosing your passionate path to intimacy during Hadley Finch’s conversation with Ken Page. Ken has led hundreds of workshops on intimacy and spirituality. He leads successful tele-workshops and meeting events for single people committed to deeper values at His work has appeared on the Discovery Channel, The Oprah Magazine, Life Magazine and the New York Times. Host, Hadley Finch, helps singles recruit your perfect match for FREE as a grand opening gift for joining the dating site she created exclusively for positive, successful singles who believe in Great Love and are ready to get the red-hot relationship you deserve at
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