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A Shield for the Innocent

Bidemi Nelson

A Shield for the Innocent – THE RIGHTS OF A CHILD

The foundation of child abuse is the violation of the rights of a child. Sadly, with the glorification of acts that depict gross human rights abuse in many societies today, the discourse if any, about the right of a child has become the joke of the century. More so, other issues like poverty, corruption, ignorance, self-centeredness, war among others have remained serious mitigating factors to the proper exercising of the rights of a child especially in grassroots areas. The truth however is that human rights can never be fully protected or respected if the basic rights of a child are ignored. The Convention on the Rights of the Child has explicitly defined and described what the fundamental right of a child should be and has equipped us with the knowledge on how to ensure that these rights are not violated. This week, Bidemi interviews Nigerian Emmanuel Adaramola, who is the Co-Executive Director of Emmanuel World Children Foundation (a child right enforcement organization in Southern Nigeria). Also, he is the Zonal Coordinator of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organization in Nigeria. Find out what we can do to ensure that the rights of children are respected, upheld and enforced while we work together towards a violence and abuse free world for children