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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – Self Awareness Skills that Transform Relationships

Special guest Cora Lonning, a development consultant specializing in values and leadership, highlights how emotional literacy and self-awareness skills transfer from the workplace to your romantic relationship.

You’ll learn the importance of being aware of who you are and what you want so that your actions have a positive impact on those around you – especially in your romantic relationship. You’ll hear interesting examples of what other couples are doing right – and not so right. And we also explore the world of “shoulds”.

Cora answers pressing questions including: To what extent can someone separate work from their personal life?
What is the difference between healthy conflict and dysfunctional conflict in a romantic relationship? And what is the concept of healthy power in romantic relationships?

In a new segment, Cora shares three things to do and three things not to do in relationship communications. And in her final message, Cora talks about the easy way to have a fabulous relationship. Hint: there isn’t one. Often success means investing in yourselves as a couple. Your relationship is ever-evolving and is changing as life and events happen. Tune in for the keys to how you’ll do as a couple as life sends you twists and turns.

And at the end of the show in this week’s Just Say No To The Status Quo segment Donna Marie explores proven tips to transform your romantic relationship.