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Earth Guardian – Mara Legrand, Writer, Producer and Director will talk about her Documentary, Wild Horses in Winds of Change

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Mara Legrand, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, and Director at Skydancer Productions, a film company that specializes in documentaries. Mara will be talking about her most recent film, Wild Horses in Winds of Change, the multi-award winning film about the wild mustang horses in the United States that are being rounded-up. It’s a film that raises awareness about who we are in relation to nature, animals, and the importance of keeping the wilderness wild. Find out why, and what you can do about it. To see how Mara filmed the wild mustang, read the interview with True Cowboy Magazine posted as a blog on her website.

Skydancer Productions, based in Durango, Colorado, also produced the award winning film, Heart and Soil, a compelling film about sustainable agriculture, which was covered by CBS, an impressive accomplishment for a first time film maker. It is still used in classrooms across the country and is a very popular film for public event screenings. It airs regularly on The Documentary Channel.