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Journey to the Self

Journey To The Self – : Lille Diane — Creativity embodied: Singer, Songwriter, Photographer, Floral designer….

This week experience the energies of “Creativity embodied” in the amazing Lille Diane. Lille Diane is a creative soul to her core and she takes time out to share her story with us; from her early days as a successful musician (in the materialistic sense) to today where she is a successful person and lightworker in all senses. Lille Diane talks about her journey, her music – especially her newest creation –, her gardening and connection with nature as a creative inspiration as well as her soulful art, which I consider to be Spirit Art. Her blog is the Top PTSD Blog Winner 2010 — and reading it you understand why. Join me as I welcome Lille Diane, who I am proud to consider my friend, as we chat about her, creativity, nature, accidents and how all this can be combined to an insightful journey to the self.