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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Escaping the Corporate Rat Race?

This week Gary Kaskowitz ( talks with Doug Hecker President of 2ExcelNow and a professional business coach ( Doug spent many years in corporate America until trading it in to become a small business coach. Along the way he learned many tips on how to succeed as a new small business owner that he shares with Gary in this interview.

You will learn about how to shed a corporate mindset to think like a more agile small business owner. You will also hear how to develop effective relationships and referral programs with your customers. Listen to Gary and Doug as they reveal how somebody starting out in business can make a success of it while remaining passionate and energetic about what you do!

In this week’s episode you will learn such specific tactics as wowing your customers through superior service and how to treat them beyond their expectations to gain allies who will help you grow your business.

While Doug’s background is primarily in advising retail businesses, you will see how these strategies and tactics can translate to any small business owner whether you’re selling car washes or heavy machinery. So, click on the link and listen to Gary as he interviews Doug on life after corporate America and how to create a successful small business that you’ll love to work in.