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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Spiritualism is Normal. But let’s look at the detail.

My guest, Stephen Upton, is a Minister and Director of the largest spiritualist movement in the world; the Spiritualist National Union. He lists the many forms of spirit phenomena, one of which gives evidence for survival of lost relatives. This is what we generally recognise as the main point of Spiritualism; the identification of proof for survival. While most of the paranormal phenomena discussed by our guest are not necessarily spiritual, and are identical to the evidence given in other areas such as healing, ESP or telepathy, I do believe that these phenomena have been shown to be normal. However, the evidence for survival at a sitting has to include three basic things, which I have always felt could be normal mind-to-mind – sitter to medium – without having to contact a spirit world which would be paranormal. See my website: I have always had a question in my mind regarding physical medium ship – is it all fake, or am I being unfair?