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Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – Sheilana Massey DD

Dr. Margery (Mercy) Runyan, psychotherapist, dream expert and hypnotherapist, interviews Sheilana Massey, Doctor of Divinity from the Inner Focus Church, who currently provides transformational counseling on Pine Island in SW Florida. Dr. Massey has been recognized as gifted since her early life within a Quaker farm family. Dr. Mercy met Sheilana at a weekly Meditation for Peace attended by extraordinary people. Sheilana taught Dr. Mercy that she is a powerful spirit who came to earth to have the experiences that she needed to have. Sheilana often says ‘do not believe what I believe; go inside, stay conscious, experience for yourself and form your own beliefs.’ According to Dr. Massey, ideas are places where we get stuck. We must unreservedly surrender all beliefs, opinions, and expectations and experience life anew every moment in order to connect with our Divine Essence.

Dr. Massey graduated from the 3-year School of Energy Master (Robert T. Jaffe) in 1993. She has also studied with AlixSandra Parness founder of the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing and has taught there as a senior instructor. Other inspirations have been Paul Lowe in Australia and David R. Hawkins, Director of the Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research. She finds Spirit and Matter unified in the Heart of Our Hearts and uses chakras, chants, and meditation to access the God-Self. She has written two books Peace has No Space for Memories and Along the Path of Enlightenment which listeners can order from Dr. Massey at pineland8@aol.com.