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Single Mom Talk Radio

Single Mom Talk Radio – Finding the Extraordinary Parent In You

When John was only two, his dad, Jack Elias, went from being a good dad to being an extraordinary one. Only it didn’t happen in a way you might expect. Dad was angry. Little John wasn’t cooperating. Lashing out seemed justified. Instead, what Jack Elias did—what he discovered in that intense moment of parenting overload—transformed him and his parenting forever.

Millions of loving, well-intentioned parents make a critical mistake in trying to get their kids to behave—one that can really damage a child’s self-image. As a leading therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and author, Jack Elias reveals the lesson he learned as a young father, as well as the fail-safe way to always get cooperation that he later discovered.

After working with hundreds of clients, Jack has learned that there is a right way to discipline children, and the parents who learn it become extraordinary! This show is packed full of tangible tips, must do’s, and reminders of the cost of not disciplining correctly.