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Jae Nelson & Bill Nelson

Success Sessions – Failure – It’s Role In Your Success

Does everybody fail at one stage or another? Well, Yes to a certain degree they certainly do. Which to some might be a little surprising. You see the most interesting statistic from reviews on success is that people that pursue it on a regular basis are not frightened about the thought of not succeeding.


Because they recognise and understand the fact that failure is part of the journey of success.

It has often been said that to embrace success you need to appreciate and understand failure. To know that you can and will learn a great many things from adversity, from obstructions and from failure.

The most important lesson that you can learn from failure is that it is never permanent. You will always have the opportunity to learn from it, and to move on to bigger and better things due to your understanding and interaction with it.

A lot depends on how we view failure, how well we move on from it and eventually how we will succeed because of it.

In this weeks discussion on Success Sessions Bill will lead the discussion on how we work our way through dealing with the element of failure and ask Bill why is it important to understand and value the element of failure.