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Talk for Food

Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – A Question of Integrity in Our Public Agencies

Adam goes solo on this one. Listen at your own peril, only if you’re ready to think for yourself. Troubled by the disinformation campaign on MMS, and the fearful silence that has followed the FDA’s latest efforts to turn Project Green Life’s owners’ lives upside down, Adam describes just some of the dis-integrity in the Agency’s actions.

Representing no one but his own conscience, Adam asks the question, “does a public agency really serve the public if it seeks to criminalize citizens for opposing policies it is not inclined to support, even if scientific validation is available?”

You will need to answer this question for yourself.

Far from being a defense of MMS, Adam points out other examples of how the Agency’s thinking as put it on the opposing end of other products, both natural and man-made. While they have been exhaustively studied, and have consistently demonstrated beneficial results, such as DMSO, they remain either unapproved, or approved within very narrow guidelines.

This is a heart-felt wake-up call. Listen if you dare.