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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Getting Expert Sports Performance Advice

Expert sports performance

This exciting episode of Teeing It Up is all about the champion mindset. Question after question Randy Kemp and special guest Loren Fogelman delve into the most important aspects to gain expert sports performance. Our guest is the most important yet because all of our information this is the first from a girl.

Emotional freedom technique can only come from Loren as she let our audience in on a glimpse of her up coming book not available until October.

Winning Point breaks down the different pieces and is capable of putting players in what is called the championship mindset. Similar to Tiger Woods before, when he always showed up to win, Loren displays incredible knowledge with phrases like,” Now he is just wondering where he will place.”

“It’s all about dealing with distractions,” says Fogelman. To cope Loren changes external motivators,”Like, doing this for someone else,” into internal motivators where time slows down during game play and the problems of the world disappear. Her technique is useful for all players as they reach the championship mindset.

Learn why, “You want to play one shot at a time,” and how to overcome any challenge on the golf course or as an instructor or a student.

“Get in to the zone when you’re in the moment,” this awesome episode will show all that and also that some of the best advice for playing golf comes from a girl.