Education and Family

The Learning Curve

Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

The Learning Curve – How Can You Best Help Your Kids Get Good Grades? How Can You Ensure You Win at Learning in Life?

Roger and Virginia discuss how Virginia uses the secrets of the Seven Barriers to Comprehension when tutoring adult learners in her evening classes at Literacy Partners in New York.

Hear how Virginia discovered the secret to her own learning style and also overcame the learning problems she had as a child in school. She found that it wasn’t her fault — it was the fault of the teaching style and practice that actually prevented her from “getting it.”

Is your child being impeded by the teacher? Is your child being falsely labeled “slow,” “inattentive” or even “learning disabled” when in fact it is the teacher or educational practices that are to blame?

This is a must hear show for parents who truly care about their children winning at school and in life.

After all, all of life is a learning curve!