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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – The Way Huge Holographic Nature of Consciousness

We are on the verge of a huge quantum leap renaissance – in human consciousness. The old renaissance inspired us by way of speaking to the transcendental nature of that which we have come to refer to as God-ness. The new renaissance is going to add on top of this, the understanding of what amounts to the simultaneous, at the same time fundamental ‘imminence’, of what we have been referring to as God-ness. Insofar as the most essential At-One-Ment nature of quantum level reality can be said to exist within all things, all creatures great and small, even our neighbors as thy self. I ask you, if you were to come to really come to know, that the essence of God-Ness is actually contained in all things! Why would you anymore want to harm or kill, thy neighbor as also being a most intimate part of this same One Source? Wouldn’t you much rather want to orient toward your possibility to Co-Create way more in harmony with this Underlying / Beyond Lying Force One-Ness Itself – solutions?