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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – Re-Inventing Marketing…how to rethink and reboot your business!

It’s the old Catch 22…the phone’s not ringing. You’d like to do some marketing…but the phone’s not ringing. So, you don’t have any $$ to spend on marketing. Listen up as I share a secret to business success: Get over it. That’s the way it goes! We’ve got to rethink, reinvent our approach to business. Here to shed some light and hope…Nancy Michaels, owner of Grow Your Business Network. Nancy is an expert at reinvention. She was a super successful business owner and Marketing Maven…then a devastating trauma laid her low. She bounced back and got stronger and wiser… and funnier! Don’t come to Nancy singing the blues about how tough business and life can be. Get ready for some tough love and sure fire ways to crank up your business.