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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – How To Have a Successful Second Marriage

Special guest Pat Bubash, counselor, author, speaker, and Stephen Minister specializing in positive marriage outcomes joins Donna Marie to share key tips and lessons from her book “Successful Second Marriages.” The divorce rate from first marriages is approaching 50% while the divorce rate of second marriages is approaching 75%. Clearly not a good track record here. So what can you do to make sure that you are not in those numbers?

Pat answers pressing questions including What is the criteria for a successful marriage or a lasting relationship? What about those couples who planned, anticipated, overspent on elaborate weddings on to see them fail? In Successful Second Marriages, to what extent did the nine couples share the same hopes and expectations as couples we see on television?

In the 3-tips segment, Pat shares three things to do to achieve relationship mastery. And in her final message, Pat guides couples to avail themselves of the plentiful resources rather than calling it quits.

And at the end of the show in this week’s Just Say No To The Status QuoTM segment Donna Marie explores ways to improve your chances to have a successful relationship.