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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Back to Basics Nutrition – If God Didn’t Make it Don’t Eat It!

Please join me with the very funny & very direct Medical Doctor & Nutritionist, Dr. Gabriella Miranda. Dr. Miranda is the nutritionist for the Obesity Control Center & also has a private practice where she is called upon to deal with many serious nutritional dilemmas. We will be discussing nutrition before & after weight loss surgery, the true meaning of eating a clean diet & what is really necessary, NOT over feeding our babies, healthy birthday parties, fullness cues & wiping out the “clean plate club” & mental vs. physical hunger. And I love….the way Dr. Miranda shares with us her very scientific descriptive opinion on feeding juice to our kids….”juice is crap!”. Let’s be aware of all the very unhealthy habits that are passed on in raising our kids with inappropriate satiety cues & sugar addictions which lead to very early fat cell production & a lifetime battle with obesity & all of its hazards & elevated triglyceride issues – which we have discussed numerous times here on Eat Exercise Live. Please stay tuned for Game Plan at the end of the show, we will be combining knowledge from previous shows and bringing them all together…….and I can’t wait to tell you who is up next week on Eat Exercise Live!

Dr. Ortiz of the Obesity Control Center also joins us sharing his view of back to basics nutrition. The Obesity Control Center is a very appreciated sponsor here on Eat Exercise Live & they daily deal with the end result of not living a healthy proactive lifestyle. Dr. Ortiz shares with us his passion for loving & respecting life with good, natural nutrition & a respect for mother nature. And our sincerest congratulations & respect to Dr. Ortiz for being named one of America’s top 10 bariatric surgeons by Newsweek magazine. Obesity is a health hazard. Getting treatment from the very best can save your life & provide a quality of life never thought possible. Give yourself the opportunity and tools to lose that excess weight and live a fulfilling life. Don’t let cost deter you from giving yourself a new start in life. The Obesity Control Center will make it possible. The Obesity Control Center has earned the prestigious recognition as an “International center for Excellence for Bariatric Surgeons.” Check out the very extensive video library – learn about procedures and meet patients OCC has changed their lives. Dr. Ortiz and the entire staff at the Obesity Control Center are fully dedicated to your health & proactive lifestyle. I assure you making the call is the hardest part. Fear comes from the unknown. Let the experts at the OCC bring you the known. The OCC experts will allay any anxieties & make the rest easy. Please call 1-866-DrOrtiz (376-7849) or visit them at

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