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Healing Through Creativity

Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – Laughter and the Magic of Healing Through Creativity in the Corporate Life

In this week’s Healing Through Creativity, host Dr. Desiree Cox speaks Chief Relationship Office and Newfield Coach at Newfield networks, Carolyn Keyes. Whether engaging with thousands (an extrovert’s dream) or speaking one-on- one, Carolyn’s ability to connect with people using humor and her outgoing personality is legendary. She grew-up in a small town near Chicago where she realized that her ability to communicate was essential (much more than her mathematical skills) in her ability to be successful in life. After moving up the advertising corporate ladder, she spectacularly quit her job and took some time off to try acting and discover her creative side.
‘Its all in the body. We communicate with our bodies, through non-verbal language,” says Keyes. Keyes shares some of her coaching successes in Newfield networks with Dr Cox. She uses her passion for the arts and her gifts as a sketch comedian to help corporate executives find the language they need to communicate with their heart rather than just their head.
As Newfield’s chief relationship officer, Carolyn is responsible for the development of client relations both within Newfield’s public programs and oversees Newfield’s Executive and Organizational Division. She works internationally on specialized projects that require the ability to work with diverse cultures and teams to align with clients’ performance goals. In addition, Carolyn is an executive coach with experience working with senior-level and C-Suite executives. On a personal level, her passion is applying her background and expertise to individuals, organizations, and community through coaching, writing and filmmaking.

Cox and Keyes talk about the importance of integrating their passions with their work and the art of bringing your creativity to work and working your creativity in ways that bring healing to ourselves and others. Find out more about creativity and coaching, Newfield style in this weeks conversation with Carolyn Keyes and Dr Desiree Cox. You can also find out more about Dr. Desiree Cox on her website