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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Super Health Diet with KC Craichy

Due to a whopping two-thirds of Americans being either overweight or obese, learning to eat for both weight loss and optimal health is more important than ever before. This week’s guest, KC Craichy, is a leading health researcher, speaker, and consultant on optimized natural health, nutrition, and fitness. KC’s collaborative work and research with many of the top medical and nutritional practitioners and researchers in the United States led to the founding of Living Fuel, one of the fastest-growing, high-end nutritional companies in the world. KC and host Mary Treacy O’Keefe discuss his latest book, Super Health Diet:The Last Diet You Will Ever Need.

KC Craichy starts off the interview by explaining his motivation for writing his most recent book–going into detail about his own obesity as a young adult and his wife’s former health issues.  Is the Super Health Diet truly “the last diet you will ever need?”  KC says “yes!” and is here to explain why.

“Hydration is a huge issue,” says KC.  What’s the best way to get hydrated?  If you said “Water” then you’re on the right track!  But what kind of water should you drink? What’s the best filtration system? Of the bottled water brands, which is the best?  And what about herbal tea?  Wouldn’t you like to know before putting any old thing into your body?

Is the Fountain of Youth real?  According to KC, in a sense, it can be: Through diet.  He goes on to explain that if one focuses on nutrients rather than calories, they’ll not only feel better, but they’ll look better too!  Are you ready to look younger?

KC Craichy also discusses Sarcopenia (which can result from not getting enough protein), the benefits and drawbacks of fasting, and why we shouldn’t snack between meals.

Are you tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy?  Then maybe it’s time you listened in on this informative episode!