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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – It seems that UFO’s are everywhere – but what are they really?

There is an enormous amount of evidence for UFO’s – but what does it all mean? Consistent reports, hundreds of books, photos and videos, show that it cannot all be make believe, although fakes and make believe must form a part. This week’s guest is Lional Beer who is the Honorary President and founder of BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association, which has been active for 49 years, so is one of the earliest UFO organisations. He is a major bookseller in this field and has carried out many investigations personally, so is just as interested and confused as anyone else. The Bufora website is and another worth looking at is

My own web site: says little or nothing about the subject, but much about the normal experiences of trance and telepathy; both of which are very relevant to experiences of UFOs. Even if you think there is more to it than trance and telepathy don’t miss this show. They don’t come with more experience of UFO’s than Lionel Beer.