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Single Mom Talk Radio – Early Prevention “Potions” to Keep the Drug Dementors away from Your Child – with guest psychiatrist Dr. Henry Abraham

Superheroes wear protective suits. Harry Potter casts a spell. What can we as parents do to shield their children from the scary and serious world of drugs?

The statistics are frightening. Children as young as twelve years old report that “it’s relatively easy to obtain illicit drugs”, and experimentation with alcohol and drugs happens earlier than most parents suspect. On top of all that, if you’re a single mother you’ve got to be doubly prepared since 71% of all adolescent chemical addictions come from single-parent families.

Can we parents do anything about this? Can we stave off this monster influence attacking our children? Harvard psychiatrist and adolescent drug specialist Dr. Henry Abraham says “Yes!” and adds that the key is early prevention. “There are many neutralizing influences, and parents can tip the balance on the right side by providing the right kind of environment and relationship with their children.” So the good news is that mom is in the driver’s seat more than she may know!

In this show, Dr. Abraham reveals the gateway experiences to watch out for, and the positive conditions, the “golden halos,” to encourage. He explains specific things to do early, such having as lots of mom-to-child talks (about everything and anything), being a sincerely church-going family, and trying hard in school—regardless of whether the child’s grades are A’s or C’s. It’s the effort that matters, and moms who do their homework on the subject of drug prevention will be mixing a home-grown potion that can dramatically help keep the drug dementors away. Tune in to discover the ingredients we moms need to keep our children safe.