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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – HOW TO ORGANIZE NEARLY EVERYTHING

If it takes you more than two minutes to find an item you just know you have, this show is for you! The majority of Americans believe their homes to be at least moderately disorganized, yet we know that being organized can save them time and stress. So what’s stopping us? Many of us simply don’t know where to begin, what to do, or how to keep up once we’ve tidied up. This week, Deanne Marie shares her personal insights and principles to help you become more organized, no matter what room or area you’re working on. You’ll learn how to overcome the biggest obstacles to being organized, how to figure out where to start your organizing odyssey, and exactly what steps to take to get there. You’ll discover three key ingredients to kicking off any organizing project and what questions can reveal an item’s destiny, plus get creative ways to stay organized once all the hard work is done. The payoff is well worth it – less stress and frustration and more time to enjoy your well-organized life! Plus, download Deanne Marie’s latest report, “10 Projects in 10 Minutes.”