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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – PGA Marshal’s Control the Crowds and Not Golfers

Exploring the golf game from every aspect is our focus on Teeing It Up. This week’s guest is an 11 year retired PGA Marshal. David Rosman gets subjected to Randy Kemp’s ability to pulled out the best questions.

Rosman has volunteered on The International at Castle Pines for the PGA marshal place on holes 10 through 13 from the last 11 years. Of course the stories are remarkable but the amount of information explaining what the PGA marshal will expand your feel for holistic golf.

This episode is a one of a kind and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Listen to your mind and body first as Randy puts it, “ We explore holistic golf and everything you wanted to know about a golf marshal but were too afraid to ask.”

Learn how two types of golf marshals exist in the golf world the volunteer and the private. The average view of a golf marshal is the PGA marshals according to Daivd Rosman, “Wearing the polo shirts, khaki pants, and just beyond the rope… were you’d like to be .”

The volunteer marshals on the PGA tour is responsible for following all rules and regulations used to control the crowds but not golfers. There on the PGA, official rules are brought to a golf official for proper ruling. On a private course the volunteer no longer exists and the a private golf marshal holds the duties to control the crowds and the golfers.

For pay or play, David and Randy discuss everything you wanted to know about a golf marshal and somethings no one should ever know. Join us for the next 30 minutes, you’re guaranteed a good laugh and a good piece of information for the next time you watching a PGA tournament.