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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Kicking the Can

The Breast Cancer Fund’s new campaign kicked off with a bang– alerting women to the problems with the chemical BPA (BisPhenol A) that lines tin cans. Guest Connie Engle, Ph.D and Project Coordinator for the Breast Cancer Fund, co-authored an article that highlights ways to avoid this estrogenic chemical that is connected to breast cancer. Don’t miss her information alerting us to ways we can eliminate many other chemicals from our foods and environment that are connected to breast cancer. We must get the message out to everyone-breast cancer is connected genetically to breast cancer 5-10% of the time. Our environment is connected with 50% or more of breast cancer. So let’s get our environment under control! Join us to find out how you can begin taming your environment byKicking theCan and supporting the Breast Cancer Fund’s efforts.