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Word Patriots – Through A Glass Darkly With Barbara Michel

This week on Word Patriots@Webtalkradio, my guest is Barbara Michel, the author of seventeen books. She is a graduate of the British American School of Writing. Several of her novels have won first-place awards at writers’ workshops and conferences. Her “Colorado Blaze” entry won a national award in “The Writers’ Digest” 2006 contest.
While director of the Christian Writers’ Guild, Norman Rohrer endorsed Michel’s four novel Amish Eden series, concluding: “Her writing is bright and creative and her plots superb.” Reviewing Michel’s “Fortress of a Rebel” trilogy, Christine Clinger writes that Michel “uses the backdrop of the Civil War to entwine a story with the perfect combination of suspense, romance, history and spiritual enrichment.” Michel has studied various aspects of the Bible and Christian theology. While her husband Gerald Michel served as a United Methodist pastor, she directed youth and young-adult gospel-singing witness groups and led services in churches of various denominations. A soprano soloist, she has given numerous gospel concerts, and, for a few years, she and her husband broadcast a Biblical-teaching and gospel-singing radio program. She has written and edited articles for various Grace Ministries publications. Michel has been blind since the age of twenty. Barbara speaks about the loss of her eyesight as a young woman, the special computer program she uses to compose text, the endless revision process all authors face and which is particularly painstaking and troublesome for her, the various genres she works in, her advocacy of wholesome moral fiction, and how she strives to make all her characters—even the flawed ones—human and sympathetic. If you would like to know more about my books, be sure to visit my website: To find out more about Barbara Michel and her work, check out her website: