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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Every One’s Golden Doorway – Our Human Most Heart

To our potentially most empowering place within. The only way it is ever possible to experience complete sensual/sexual fulfillment, doer entrepreneurial fulfillment, great friendships/relationships fulfillment, our lower triangle of vital energetic elements. Along with complete religious/spiritual fulfillment, visionary self inventive fulfillment, and effective articulative/communicative fulfillment, our upper triangle of pure vital energetic spirit self realization. Is by way of learning to integrate each of these energies into the opening of our heart’s. The good news is, the more we learn to open our heart’s, the more we find ourselves actually able to manifest, the very fulfillments we long for, at all of these levels of our potential to be. In such a way that we can now actually experience ourselves, as totally happy whole and complete. Sorry folks, there is no other way.