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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – What makes Sacred Sites So Sacred?

What do Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal, Sedona, Tikal, Stonehenge, and Crop Circles all have in common?  Each of these spots have been “consecrated” as mystical or sacred (and they each attract thousands of people to experience what they offer!).  While most of these so-called energy centers have graced our planet for centuries, some are simply temporary temples, like the crop circles.  Have you ever felt an affinity to the Pyramids of Egypt or the ancient ruins in Greece? Do you ever find yourself fascinated by the art or architecture of an ancient site and find a sense of familiarity around it?  If so, then you’re going to want to listen in as Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa investigate a question that has been plaguing man for centuries: Just what makes “sacred” sites so special?

During this fascinating and special show, Sri and Kira offer new perspectives on these sacred sites and share some stunning revelations about the limited access that is starting to occur worldwide!  Having spent significant time at all the sites mentioned above (and many others!), Sri and Kira share their first hand experiences of these “power spots” and offer clear perspectives that will stimulate your greater awakening!  “Whether you believe in mysticism or not is irrelevant!” says Kira of the power spots known throughout the world. “There is an inherent energy that says: ‘Something special can happen here.'”  But why?  What is that energy?  And why do some people feel it and others feel nothing?

Sri brings up the “laylines of the earth,” explaining their fascinating grid pattern that crosses the planet–and how they relate to the sacred sites of the world.  Kira then elaborates on how many people feel a special affinity for different places–England, Egypt, Peru–but each of those places lands on a layline.  “Wherever you’re called, there is a stirring of the soul,” says Kira. “Is that not what makes it sacred?”

What makes a site sacred, and why should we care?  Tune in and discover the greater depth of the markers that humanity has left along the way!