Spirituality and Philosophy

A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton


There are 5 essential elements of holistic self-care which Tamara talks about in this interview. Whether it be releasing old chains of belief and limitations to taking care of self, her simple and direct approach is motivating. Bestselling author, Tamara Gerlach, has taught, mentored, and coached thousands of people in creating freedom and Cultivating Radiance in their lives since 1982. Tam brings her light, spirituality, creativity and experience as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, life and business coach, wife, mother, Buddhist, yogini, athlete, world traveler, and free spirit to everything she does. She loves to create opportunities for others to deeply experience what they are learning, and to inspire others to become empowered by getting into action around changing their lives. And the more fun we can have doing it, the better!

Tamara bought her first business, Encore Gymnastics, Dance and Climbing in 1989. A former National Team Coach, Junior Olympic Program Committee Member, and Member of the Board of Directors for USA Gymnastics, she has been involved in sports as a competitive athlete, coach, choreographer, and judge.

She began life and business coaching in 2001 after working with Rich Fettke for several years and seeing the impact coaches have on people and businesses. She obtained her training through the Coaches Training Institute, as well as completing Leadership training through Coactive Space. She has assisted the leaders of numerous coaching courses as well as a nine-month leadership course.

She is passionate about working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, parents, students, and anyone who wants to empower their life to achieve their goals.
After years of making olives with her father, in 2006 she opened Gerlach Olives and Oil. She finds joy in sharing her delicious creations with others.

Tam is a woman who follows her passions to fulfill her purpose in all aspects of her life. She lives on a ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner, Ron, and her son, Kyle. Hear what Sallie Felton and Tamara Gerlack say and see how you can get inspired.