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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – How To Get Connected with Your Sensational Self

Special guest, Jacqui Olliver, author, speaker, and healer joins us from New Zealand to share with you how to get in touch with your sensational self – very fast. Jacqui, from nHarmony, is the author of “Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever!” Jacqui learned from life experiences; she is QBE: qualified by experience on how to stop feeling confused, upset and lonely; and how to feel healed, whole and completely empowered – without denying any of your feelings. Jacqui now teaches others how to unblock their own resistant emotional and sensual energy; so they too, can find their own unique and sensational selves. Jacquie explores the distinction between thinking and feeling.

In this fast-paced interview Jacqui answers questions such as : Why do people feel confused, upset and lonely? What causes the greatest feeling of disconnection? Why do you say we control our feelings? Why do people get so emotionally overwhelmed? What’s the main difference between how men and women deal with stress? And best of all – how do you stop any argument in 60 seconds?

At the end Jacquii offers our listeners a fun, free video series.