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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – “Overcoming Negative Feelings & Obstacles” w/ Unstoppable Frankie Picasso (Part 2)

In her book, “Midlife Mojo“, Unstoppable Frankie Picasso summarizes the importance of “Overcoming Negative Feelings & Obstacles” by stating, “Perhaps you woke up one morning realizing that this is your LIFE!!! This is all it will ever be if you don’t BREAK away from it and live your truth. Did you finally come to understand that you will “exist’ out the rest of your days instead of LIVE them? What you are experiencing is just the numbness from years of low self esteem, negative self talk, fear, doubt and any number of other roadblocks to your happiness that have presented themselves in your life. If this sounds like you then understand that The Universe is calling you. The question is, are you going to answer it? Some of us get angry, some of us get depressed and some of us throw away our lives in an effort to ‘find’ our missing parts, but there is a better way.”

It is often through negative feelings, traumatic experiences, and obstacles that we find humanity in the bottomless pit of despair and distress! It is during these times of distress that we manifest what we believe about ourselves. The manifestation of lack, limitation, hunger, war, disease, violence, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, racism, prejudice, anger, and jealosy etc..are all by-products of illicit and illegal thoughts that have contaminated God’s vision for humanity. This contaminated thought has brought many people to believing that life is simply nothing more than obstacles, hindrances, and roadblocks.

If this describes YOU, know that today is the day of your breakthrough where you will be empowered by Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on how to “Overcome Negative Feelings & Obstacles”….Every obstacle in life is a new God opportunity to bringing you closer to your liberation!