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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – From Music to Social Media; It’s all about the method!

This week Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by Brian Basilico ( as they discuss Google and other social media tactics. Brian is a musician and producer who takes his knowledge and experience and applies them to Internet marketing and social media.

This week you will learn about developing a correct methodology for social media including the importance of relationship building and measurability. You will also hear Brian’s perspective on how using the Internet in your business is like writing a song!

Gary and Brian discuss the key distinctions between strategy and tactics and how you can maintain stability in your business marketing while keeping up with the rapidly changing technology that affects us all. You will learn how to develop a stronger relationship by using the correct method of delivering your message, such as when to send an email or post a Facebook comment. Hear how to blend the art and science of social media marketing so that you can produce the best results for your business and how to use your strengths and weaknesses to your fullest business advantage.

Listen in as Gary and Brian discuss how to take advantage of the natural flow of your life and business experiences to build a more effective social media strategy as well as how to develop your own campaign and when to look to an expert to help you implement your strategies. So if you are looking to kick your social media game into high gear, listen in to Gary and Brian now.