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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Greate-Ful-Ness coupled with Complete For-Giveness

Far too many of us keep wanting & desiring more, without taking some time to open the whole of our mind/body/spirit beings, into being completely heart open grateful for what we already have, for the many blessings we have already been given. To such a heart opening degree that we may then start wanting & desiring from our very hearts, not just our ‘thinking’ mind heads alone. Beyond this, the most difficult kind of gratefulness, involves a willingness to forgive our trespassers, or perpetrators of the particular unique pain body sufferings, that we each of us have most unfortunately been subjected to. Not because these perpetrators were justified, but simply because the moment we open our hearts to those who themselves have been traumatized. This is the moment we stop holding hatred and resentment inside of us, so that we can get on with the living of our lives, in ever more fulfilling ways. Precisely so that we may by way of such complete heart opening forgiveness, put ourselves in a much better position to law of attraction – attract what we really want. Instead of so much of what we don’t want. Besides, from what we are discovering in the context of modern heart math research, it is the openness of our own hearts. Which puts us most in touch with the most inspirational, true fulfillment enabling, real whole being empowering place – we all have within us. The only way any of can ever evolve ourselves forward.