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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – A Mental Healing Science from Russia

A last-minute notice of a seminar in Phoenix results in this remarkable Talk For Food program, when Adam talks with Alexander Teetz (“tates”), of the SVET Center in Hamburg, Germany, becoming one of the first media people in the West to discuss the groundbreaking healing work of two Russians, Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov.

The SVET Center for Mental and Spiritual Technologies was founded by Svetlana Smirnova, a neurologist from Omsk, Siberia, and student of Arcady Petrov, whose school teaches, among other things, clairvoyance. Petrov, who himself studied universal principles espoused by Grabovoi and presented himself as proof of said principles when his gallbladder regenerated, has witnessed and facilitated many cases of organ regeneration at his Moscow clinic.

Interest in their healing methods, wherein consciousness and intention are integral aspects, in conjunction with a series of outlined exercises, is growing, extending the very real possibility that every disease, whether congenital or chronic, can be overcome. The principles indicate that the power to transform information states rests within each of us, with no regard to nationality, title, social or economic standing, or severity of disability. A willingness to be one with the Original Information Matrix of Creation, is all that is necessary.

Smirnova and Teetz have been instrumental in translating the works of Grabovoi and Petrov from Russian into German, and now, into English. In only their third trip to the United States, their path (and hearts) led them through Arizona, and now, into your mind.

The world is surely headed for a wonderful change, and each of us can be part of it, both global and personal levels.

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