Spirituality and Philosophy

A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton


This guest pulls no punches and tells it just like it is. Together Sallie Felton and Veronica Drake share their personal and clients’ stories of the trials and tribulation of living authentically rather than by default. Listen and learn how you can speak your truth and move forward. Ronnie as clients know her, is an International Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Speaker, and Author. As an intuitive, Ronnie supports people to live their lives by design not by default. Using a variety of techniques and acquired skills she gently leads clients to their own inner knowing.

Ronnie’s own 20-year spiritual journey prepared her to teach. She’s taking all her experiences and giving it to her audiences. She openly and honestly with raw emotion shares her journey. Her focus is primarily on the development of the authentic self and creating awareness. Sharing her personal life story and bringing to light issues previously thought taboo she creates hope in her clients. Her style is intuitive, inquisitive and informal. Ronnie loves to laugh, and finds humor to be a great tool in releasing our authentic selves. Curiosity is second nature to her and she finds it brings an ease and comfort to the Coach/ Client relationship.

Her book, “Thoughts, Food, W(h)ine & Bubble Wrap” is her way of saying goodbye forever to the conditioned beliefs that women have been taught. Whether my butt is too big, too flat, too small or my stomach is too giggly, too puffy, too thick or my face is to round, too square or too thin, whatever you have “learned” about your body is addressed with tools that will allow you to re-learn a kinder, gentler way to see yourself. Her book is a journal of expression. A vehicle for the answers that are within you waiting to come forth and be revealed through reading her journey. You don’t want to miss this one.