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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – A’Fixing to Get Ready to Go Deer Hunting – Trade Shows

Even though in the midst of sweltering mid-Summer heat, deer hunters are a’fixing to get ready to go deer hunting by attending local trade shows such as the Georgia Wildlife Federation’s Buckarama where there is something for every member of the family.
Dad can see that the announced recovery of Knight Rifles, the company that popularized in-line rifles, is factual. Knight, now under new ownership and relocated to Tennessee, has new striker fired and bolt action muzzleloaders to sell and offers warranty service for their existing products in Centerville, Iowa, and Athens, Tennessee.
He can also find a new adjustable climbing stand from Millennium Tree Stands that allows him to climb trees without being bent like a taco when he starts out, time-proven plastic box blinds from Hughes Products Co. that have now demonstrated that they can last for a decade and even very nice custom knives from Larry Pridgen of Pridgen Custom Knives of Fitzgerald, Georgia. .
Momma has not been left out. Kitchen Craft Cookware continues to offer their expanded line of Waterless cooking products with 7-ply construction that allows you to cook at less heat, use less water and save money every time you use them. This complete line of cookware now also includes baking, roasting, frying and electric cookers as well as their traditional sauce pans and boilers as demonstrated by Chef Bob Lowe.
For the kids, Fun Guns, has a line of things that shoot safe projectiles such as a marsh mellow gun, 12-shot repeating rubber-band gun and bow and arrow that are all made in the U.S. by the people who sell them. The repeating rubber band gun is cut from wood and has a variety of configurations from pistols, AR platforms to Thompson Sub-machine Gun profiles for low-cost indoor shooting. (These can also take out carpenter bees that might be boring holes in your house or a wasp that gets inside.)
The family pet is also taken care of with an interview with representatives of Resaca Sun feeds who offers high protein blended dog foods with supplemental nutrients including Omega 3 and Omega 6 meat-derived fatty acids for optimum health and performance.
Clothing, guns, outdoor gear, cookware, outdoor food preparations, knives, boats, carts, camouflage and just about everything else may be found at these local and regional trade shows that are held in every state. Often, the shows are sponsored by non-profit sportsmen’ organizations that support outdoor causes such as hunter safety, conservation, wildlife restoration and hunter information.
Many organization, Such as the Georgia Trappers Association, also attend these events to publicize their activities with exhibits and seminars.
On the cooking segment of the show, Hovey explains the revealed truth about grits, that nearly tasteless, but beloved, Southern dish and tells how to properly cook and serve a variety of grits-based dishes.
The outdoor business aspect of this show looks at some of the successful outdoor businesses that very often started with one guy at his kitchen table and makes the case that every one needs some fall-back plan to have their own business in this uncertain economy. Twenty free videos are now available on YouTube at the wmhoveysmith channel, blog post are also up at and a free TeleSeminar on starting your own business will be given on August 18. To receive the call-in number on this Seminar send your E-mail address to An outline of this Seminar along with a video may be seen now at hoveysmith,
Misty Mange, the hair care product that you and your pet can share, advocates using its all natural hair-removal method to remove excess hair to reduce sweating and scent during hot early-season hunting. SIN, Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc. takes up the challenge of using their base product, “Glop,” to make a grits-like preparation.