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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – The Headlines over the past two weeks tell a story. It is a tale of a ruling progressive class who will stop at nothing

Yes–it is the story of lies even in the face of reports from agencies and departments within the very government from which they draw their paychecks and fat pensions. It is the woeful tale of a government overtaken by an anti-American, anti-American Spirit ideology of redistribution, double speak, red herrings and reparations. These people will stop at nothing after getting so close to their ambitions of a century. Despite the debt rating downgrade, the will of the American people, and lip service about deficit, spending, and debt reduction they continue to spend–even introducing additional costly, spread the wealth legislation in just the past week. Is it just incompetence? No. It is a brilliant, purposeful fixation on breaking America, instituting “fundamental changes” which are the polar opposite of the vision of the Founders and the Constitution and rebuilding a socialist, re distributive, mediocre society between Americans, and between America and all other countries…with–of course–themselves in full and total control of production, politics, free speech, the economy and finance.