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SolePath Discoveries – Joel: I have been living my Builder Facilitator for more than a year now and just knowing who I am born to be has been amazing. My three year relationship has just ended, am I still on track?

Today, you are invited into my personal counseling session with Joel who is 27 years old. Joel is Canadian and an airbus pilot who lives and works in Singapore. Joel had his SolePath measured more than a year ago and discovered that he is born to be a compassionate intuitive; a Facilitator Builder. He also discovered that he is a Dark Gladiator; a depleting charismatic. Although he is working in a job that expands him, he finds living and working away from home a real challenge. How does knowing that he is a Facilitator Builder bring Joy to Joel’s life? How does knowing that he is a depleting Gladiator help him reach for more joy and happiness in his life. Here is Joel’s SolePath counseling session …

If you would like a SolePath energy reading, contact us through WebTalkRadio.net or LifeofJoy.ca I am Dr. Debra and I would love you to go to TeriWilder.com to listen to more of her inspiring uplifting music that we play on this show. until my next counseling session – remember this life is only about Joy.