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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Breast Implants and Russian Roulette

Over 300,000 women a year are getting breast implants. Kelly Allen was one of them. She had a headache the very first day after her breast augmentation. It has only spiraled downhill. Four years later she was disabled and couldn’t work. After eight years she finally posted her problems on Facebook and found financial assistance from friends and family to get them removed or explanted. But, the story continues; Kelly’s body is full of toxins that she claims came from her implants so her life is still in danger. Don’t miss this story of courage. Kelly joined us to share her personal testimony of why breast implants are like playing Russian Roulette. She wasn’t a winner—so she is standing up and speaking out so others can dodge that bullet. From 1985-95, auto-immune disorders, lumps, connective tissue diseases, scleroderma, brain cancer, neurological disorders, suicide and a host of other life threatening health problems were connected to breast implants -although research conducted by the implant makers maintained their safety. Yet, In 1998 Dow Corning settled the largest class action suit ever, paying several billion to thousands of women. So…why do over 300,000 women a year still get breast implants? You don’t want to miss this interview with Kelly Allen-a self-educated implant survivor.