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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – How to clean up the MESS you’ve made of your financials!

Have you made a slinky-knot mess of your accounting? Are you woefully behind in your financial reporting? Yikes…maybe even a few years late on tax return filing? Take a deep breath. You can clean up any financial mess…with a solid accounting pro (Nerd Alert!) and a commitment to getting it done. Professional Organizer and Forensic Accountant, Gail Gudell – GailStorm Business Solutions – shares tips for getting a handle on the money, honey. Listen in! (PS…If you DIE, someone else will have to clean it up. Might as well get the mess handled NOW.)

Starring: Gail Gudell of GailStorm Business Solutions. Gail has over 20 years forensic accounting experience (for the living and the dead!) and works as CFO for a wealthy, entrepreneurial clients.