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Healing Through Creativity

Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – Intention, Perception and the Art of Being Whole

Wisdom begins with wonder. Healing journeys often begin as disruptions in our business-as-usual approach to life. And the healing change often begins even before the healing intervention has even been initiated. This week host Dr Desiree Cox reflects on intention, perception and the art of being whole.

Drawing together important themes from important conversations over this year of Healing Through Creativity conversations, Dr Cox reflects on conversations with experts like Tom Kenyon, sound-healer, shaman, psychotherapist, author who have shared their experience of the power of intention in healing, and discussion with Dr Eileen Magnello statistician and historian of medicine and statistics whose brain operation is, in a way a story of the natural history of healing and perceptual change.

In both cases Dr Cox highlights the connections between our beliefs, what we intend relates to healing change, as well as the connection between creativity and how we perceive the world. Creativity and perception have a reciprocal relationship, both feeding off each other, both, when working in synergy can help us alter our perceptual landscapes in ways that give us access to other aspects of our being. Learn about intention, perception and creativity in this week’s conversation with Dr Desiree Cox. You can also find out more about Dr Cox from her website