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Liberated Living – “The Enoch Factor, The Sacred Art Of Knowing God” w/ Dr. Steve McSwain (Part 1)

Have you ever found it difficult to know God? Have you ever wondered how to know God that seems so distant and afar off? Have you struggled throughout life to be in the presence of God? For anyone who has been connected to religion or are aware of spiritual practices, there is a difference between having the knowledge of God versus knowing God. It is in knowing God that one becomes awaken to the transcending and all consuming presence of God in their life. It is at this moment when a sense of liberation permeates the inward soul of a man because you become acutely aware of God’s presence in any setting, in any situation, in any circumstance, in any trial, and any life altering experience. It is through these life altering experiences that precipitate a spiritual transformation. One’s spiritual transformation is contingent upon one’s ability to be receptive of the awakening to God. Because many people don’t know God, they can’t or may not ever have their own realization of God. What a life to live without knowing God, the Source, the Creator, the Healer, the Redeemer, the Sustainer, & the Savior! If you are person who has never known God for yourself, it is likely that you don’t know yourself.

Listen to this dynamic and thought-provoking show where Eliakim is joined by Dr. Steve McSwain, author of the book titled “The Enoch Factor; The Sacred Art Of Knowing God” who provides insight on the importance of how to know God. Dr. McSwain grew up in the Baptist church, but he’s an advocate of interfaith dialogue. He was a Christian minister for over 20 years, but didn’t receive his spiritual awakening until he quit going to church. Today, he is devoted to his Christian faith, but argues that Christianity isn’t the only path to God. Inside The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God, McSwain reaches out to an ever-growing segment of the American population: those who came to church to find God, but discovered a complex and frustrating set of rules and burdens instead. Disenchanted, they switched denominations,or left entirely. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. McSwain was a minister for two decades in some of America’s largest churches. He received his Doctorate in Theology during that time (in 1986), and preached
feverishly to God’s followers. But while steeped in religion, his life lacked spirituality. “Sometimes I wonder if being ‘Christian’ for many people is little more than some ego identification, a role they play. It was for me,” says Dr. McSwain. “I mistakenly thought being a Christ-follower was subscribing to a certain set of beliefs, holding membership in a Christian church, or both. When I awakened, however, this all changed: I now realize there’s a day-and-night difference between labeling yourself a Christian and living a Christ-conscious life, one in touch with what Buddhists call your ‘Buddha-nature.’” He experienced his “awakening,” what he describes as a satori in Eastern terms, on a normal Sunday, but outside the church. Detailed in The Enoch Factor, this event inspired Dr. McSwain to embrace a new kind of spirituality: One that connects people to God and to other human beings, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religious persuasion. He hopes his circuitous spiritual path helps others re-discover their sacred selves.

Know God for yourself today & see God direct you towards your destiny!