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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – The Science, and understanding, of Twin Telepathy

Telepathy between identical twins is known all over the world, but in London, scientifically conducted tests have shown that it is a fact of life. My guest Guy Lyon Playfair has been involved in collecting data and has published a book ‘Twin Telepathy’. He has shown that half of identical twins are telepathic, which is twice as likely as non identical twins. His work has been reported on ABC News, who ran a series – Twin Tuition. Click:

He says the professional debunkers will have to give up as more and more tests show that there really is telepathy between twins and that it’s not only just ideas and feelings that are shared, it is sometimes pain, or even blisters from a burn, or a black eye. Guy gives his theory as to why twins are more telepathic than most people, but of course anybody can be telepathic – it really is quite normal. To see what it’s like being a twin, click:

And to have an introduction to, the science of torsion fields and particle spin, the carrier of telepathy, see: which is “Experimental investigation of new long range actions” a Russian paper some of which is not acceptable to western science.