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Word Patriots – Ray Goss’ Misadventures in Broadcasting

This week on Word Patriots@Webtalkradio, my guest is Ray Goss, the author of the memoir “Misadventures in Broadcasting: Zany stories from 50 plus years of sports play-by-play.” My preference is, of course, literary fiction. But I’m not a monomaniac. I love all kinds of books. In the sweltering heat of summer, I’m less inclined to tackle James, Kant or Pynchon. I want something light and funny, a book which will make me laugh and chuckle. I’m something of a sports fan. Not a fanatic, mind you, but a love of sports is something that is in the blood—that is bred into us here in Western and Central Pennsylvania. Of late—since I myself got into the game with Word Patriots—I have become very interested in radio and broadcasting. Make no mistake about it. Ray is a master broadcaster. I know this because, growing up in Indiana, Pa, in the 1960s, I got up with Goss. Ray was the morning man on our local radio station WDAD. But that is only the beginning. For 40 years, Ray has been the voice of the Duquesne Dukes Basketball, the longest continuous association of a radioman with a single team in the history of Pittsburgh sports. He has broadcast at least 3,000 games in the last half century, usually on radio, occasionally on TV, and not only Duquesne basketball but also harness racing and countless high school and college football, baseball and softball games as well. In our interview, Ray recalls some of the off-beat, unusual, incredible, humorous, and at times embarrassing experiences that have occurred over the last half century while he was broadcasting sports events throughout the country. He narrates many more such amusing incidents in his 2008 book “Misadventures in Broadcasting.” He hopes the reader will enjoy reading about them as much as he has enjoyed writing about them. If you would like to know more about my books, play visit my website: Also be sure to take a look at Ray’s website: