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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – The Quickening

For todays show we are going to ask you to go to the following video site and watch the video on The Quickening. We ask you to view it with an emphasis on the positive, especially as the video presentation moves into the last 12 minutes plus. Then our next session will focus on how we can use the knowledge we gain from this video, with respect to how we can all help each other move forward into a golden age of unity consciousness. Along with how you your self can help prepare yourself to be way more empowered to create the positively great life you most long for. With the least possible chaos and turmoil! Just remember this, we do not have to turn our experience of coming changes into a living hell. Provided we each of us take those response-abilities required to come into at-one-ment consciousness, wherefrom we can actually co-create the coming changes into a veritable heaven on earth. And as long as we do not let ourselves get sucked into the notion of a single savior, who will try and promise to save us from a place that is external to our own state of inner empowerment. Because you see, the coming quickening is all about each of us taking responsibility to elevate our conscious function, into a state of at-one-ment. As total we the people no longer separate from at-one-ment – equal partners within the great truly Big Picture One & Only hologram. Dr. Lynn Sereda, & Dr. James Hardt