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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Face to Face Networking: It’s All About Communication

Are you like me? Does the thought of attending a face to face networking event make you want to vomit? My guest Kathy Condon , author of Face to Face Networking: It’s All About Communication, teaches us how to master the number one social skill that is often not taught to children or adults; the handshake. The handshake when done correctly has the receiver feeling like the most important person in the world. Kathy is an award winning author, international speaker, trainer and executive coach.

She also teaches you the power of the RSVP. Did you ever stop to think about why you should RSVP other than it is the polite thing to do? Kathy tells us the nine ways your name or business name is seen by the host or hostess and the event committee before and after the event. This is free marketing for you or your business.

Please join me for this episode of Military to Mainstream, Kathy shares great tips that will help you make the transition fromMilitary to Mainstream with the least amount of social faux pas. You will be the one who makes the great first impression and leaves a lasting impression. You will also learn the about the power of the thank you note, following up after the networking event, and much much more.