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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Myth Of Dating+Waiting – MD Says First Date Sex Leads To Lasting Love

Explore dating myths and get some great advice from Veronica Anderson, MD along with Tribe of Singles & Tribe of Couples founder, and host of A Lasting Love, Hadley Finch, who ask searching singles: If you want to stop dead-end dating and find true love fast, are you wise or foolish to delay sex when you meet an attractive stranger?  A few decades ago, kissing on the first date was debatable.  That changed in the pre-AIDS era of “Free Love” as more couples engaged in one-night stands, “What was your name?” sexual encounters, and dating courtships leading almost immediately to sexual intimacy.  Today singles get dating advice to help them decide:  How long should you delay lovemaking? Can early hot sex ever lead to lasting love?  Tune in to find out!

Find out why Ivy League-educated physician, relationship adviser, radio and TV host, Dr. Veronica says, “Get on with lovemaking–early and often.” As Hadley Finch and Dr. Veronica explore the benefits and risks in this dating advice, dating singles will ask: Do you deserve to make the most of lusty libidos right away?  Will you enjoy better health when you make love with the proper stranger? And which precautions against STDs, obvious and not so obvious, should you take?

Why are people, especially women, still chided for wanting to explore their sexuality?  Where did this stigma come from?  When will this old-fashioned viewpoint finally fade?  Learn why it’s a myth that sex between two consenting adults is “wrong.”

Benefit from the bonding hormone in the initial thrilling stages of romance!  Throughout this episode you’ll discover how the Internet has changed sex, how medical science helps you get the relationship (or even the marriage!) you want, and the myths about waiting when dating during this informative and provocative conversation.  Tune in!