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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – Bridging the Generation Gap in your Business!

Gen X, Gen Y…Boomers? Old Farts? Do we really need to alter our language, our perspective…our business!…to work with people of different ages? Do different generations think and act differently? Or is this just a stereo-typing fallacy that we use to cover up our own communication issues? And are you ever going to get those kids to stop texting at work? Join us as we learn how we can all get along and get more profitable! Dr. Cal LeMon is a Baby Boomer and expert on effective communicating . The Washington, D.C. office of Society of Human Resource Management has designated our presenter, Dr. Cal LeMon, as “one of the ten best presenters in America today.” Dr. LeMon, President of Executive Enrichment, Inc. in Springfield, Missouri, is the author of Assertiveness: Get What You Want Without Being Pushy and he has written for publications such as HR Magazine and Employment Relations Today. Dr. LeMon has been a frequent guest columnist on the Opinion Page of USA TODAY.